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RMYG provides with the business segment "RMY Sharing" to purchase share ownership of a luxury motor yacht. Each shareholder will receive rights of use, to the extent of the his purchased period. This results in not only the enormous saving of cost, and huge savings in terms of maintenance costs, as well as The total abolition of cleaning, repair, service times, waters, drain, etc.. Also not to be underestimated ongoing maintenance costs are included in the RMY Sharing. By the proportionate split of all expenses, the cost / benefit ratio is made very quickly recognizable. We offer through our subsidiary RMY Sharing GmbH the possibility of the "co-ownership" in the Mediterranean region. Inform yourself about our range of exclusive motor yacht with a transparent overview of costs under RMY Sharing.



Through our personal contacts with selected charter providers, we are able, via our subsidiary "RMY Sharing GmbH" and its division RMY Charter, to offer in the Mediterranean region at especially favorable conditions, maintained motor and sailing yachts.


Our services include:

As a partner of selected charter companies in the best sailing areas in the Mediterranean, we provide exclusive charter offers for stress-free sailing.

We are specialist in the Mediterranean regions Croatia, Greece, Italy and Cote'd Azur


Learn more about the destinations:



RMYG organizes events on behalf of clients and taking into account all of your unique requirements.We offer packages like DJ Booking, nightlife concierge services, private security services, hostesses, private events, private jets, Supercars or booking private or public events in the Mediterranean.

We can also help you in promoting and publicizing your event, for example, booking of models, hostesses and promoters.Through our experienced partners, we are at your disposal with the right choice.

Music & DJ´s

Events are a great way to deepen in a relaxed atmosphere, the connections to business partners and customers and to escape from everyday life. If the party is organized on a luxury yacht, then a touch of exclusivity and class should be included. The RMYG has access to renowned DJs that make the atmosphere and the event on board unique. Our team will on request, assist you in the selection of the appropriate DJ. The team will work with you, on the requirement profile for your DJ, the music genre or production, so the selection will be easier for you.


Catering & Food

The RMY GROUP organized everything required on board of your yacht in order to satisfy your appetite. Our aim here is to deliver the best quality of food and drinks by our catering service.


At RMY Platinum Club members, we also offer the services of a private chef from a 5-star hotel on board your yacht. Whether for your family celebration or a company event, we always strive to serve your guests with the best food service to your mooring.


Hostesses & Models

We also offer the provision of glamorous hostesses and models for your next Marina & Yacht Event. Whether on board of your luxury yacht or an event on land, lunch, gala dinners, races, exhibitions, product launches or new openings in the maritime sector.


Our hostesses and models are well presentable. The qualification and training, patience, initiative, experience, efficiency, multilingualism, label and a positive aura, characterized our trained staff. For the success of your events, we can help you determine the appropriate hostess, with the right personality and professional skills to find. We know that the first impression is crucial to the success of your event.


RMYG has strong bonds and a large network of experienced partners with further database of hostesses and models, which meet the requirements of your event and give the classic and sensual appeal. Let us know about your planned event and your requirements.


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