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The team of RMY travels frequently to different places and collects the most important information to help you in deciding what places you want to visit in combination with a yacht charter.


We understand the fact that everyone, chartering a yacht for individual purposes and different kinds of experiences.

Whatever  your goal, experience and expectations maight be, we will support you by providing a complete and comprehensive guide.


Whether for a family charter, private charter, VIP charter, romantic charter or corporate charter, we will be happy to give you the best possible experience to arrange charter.


Our Destinations:




Croatia is an addictive jewel with innumerable facets. Between Rovinj in the north and Dubrovnik in the south, one of the highlights of the next lined up. In city ports like Hvar, you lie firmly with your yacht on a pier where Roman galleys already docked.Attractions such as the Diocletian's Palace in Split or the archaeological site of Solin remind of the rich historical heritage of the country.


Croatia bays among to the most beautiful bays of the whole Mediterranean. From the karst areas wild rosemary scent rises, through the crystal clear waters you can see down to the seabed. Also legendary are the hospitality and hearty specialties of Croats - of air-dried ham on Slivovitz right up to simple but delicious restaurant-culture of the "Konobas". In the summer months, the islands attracts particularly party people. On the beach of the North-Dalmatian island of Pag, the greatest DJs in the world bring the crowd to romp.



Those, who are looking for five-star holiday in the classical sense, will not find in Greece. But after a week cruising in Greece, the real luxury opened: Here the stress falls entirely unnoticed by the shoulders. The clear, bright colors and the relaxed pace of life in the country leave the small pleasures regain more weight. Sit back, sip a glass of wine and enjoy the simple but delicious Greek specialties.


Greece has an almost lavish riches on Charter grounds. Legendary the Cycladic island of Mykonos, with its beautiful beaches, the painterly white plastered capital Chora and exciting nightlife in the streets of the Old Town. Since the 1950s, it attracts celebrities from around the world on this magical island. Further attractive destinations in Greece are Naxos, Kos, Santorini islands Lefkas and Corfu in the Ionian Sea.





Venice, Rimini, Trieste - three pearls are located on the east coast of Italy. Exploring the Lagoon of Venice on their own keel, is a highlight of each charter trips in the region. Rimini, Europe bathtub and once the summer residence of the filmmaker Federico Fellini, comes up with an exciting nightlife and an old town full of postcard motifs, while Trieste impresses through its Austro-Habsburg architecture, paired with Italian temperament.



A seductive mix of Mediterranean culture, old-world charm and modern luxury that makes the Italian Riviera a great adventure in Italy. Here are divided, although the same penchant for golden beaches, sumptuous cuisine and designer boutiques like the French neighbors, however, visitors can experience a much more relaxed atmosphere, enriched with Italian taste.



Mediterranean climate, azure waters, casual lifestyle: The Côte d'Azur is a magnet for yacht tourists from around the world. Its special charm owes the Côte d'Azur of the unique combination of international jet set and secluded coves, whose beauty is unparalleled. Also the backcountry surprises with its harsh nature.



Illustrious names lined up on the "French Riviera" like pearls on a chain. Who charters here is well within the glamorous life of stars and starlets and can dive next to masters of fine dining in a club life, which enjoys worldwide fame. The rest can be found often only one bay further. Who turns his back for example Cannes legendary Croisette, can already dropped an hour later to anchor off the small island of Sainte Marguerite. With more than 1,000 berths for yachts over 30 feet, the Côte d'Azur also has an ideal infrastructure for the holiday with the luxury yacht.



Those who yearn for haute couture will not be disappointed in Saint Tropez. Top-class cuisine and world-famous, exclusive beach clubs as Club 66 or Nikki Beach, makes Saint Tropez an unforgettable experience.




The Principality of Monaco has a lot of life of neighboring France, but has as a city on the water, in a confined space an electrifying mix of business, stylish luxury, Formula 1 Grand Prix and glamorous nobility. A must-do in Monaco: A casino visit.



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