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The RMY-Club offers its members numerous advantages within an exclusive community.


Whether you want to fulfill as a member of your maritime dreams, or are dependent in certain situations at sea to help. We are constantly striving to meet all the requirements of service for our members, as we continues increase our own standard of service and exclusivity.


Inform yourself about your benefits as RMY Club member!




Are you a club member and are looking for flights to sailing areas? Don’t know enough about insurance legal issues surrounding Yacht Charter? Or have any special requests for your cruise?You must make other arrangements and need a smaller or larger ship? Do you need a skipper or co-skipper? You want a skipper who teaches you individually sailing on your trip? Or are you planning an event on your yacht and want music, catering or even our Hostess?

We are at your disposal and come forward with problems expertise and efficient solutions.Our goal is always to keep the process for you the most straightforward possible for you to truly experience the maritime dream and also have more time for what really matters: to arrive, to be picked up, take over the boat and set sail!





As RMY Club member, we offer one-way trips on to the selected target ports. We take over the yacht at the base, then we sail these at the agreed port of destination and passed them there to a named partner. You do not have to return to their base, the yacht. So you do not take as a charterer into account to planning half the time for the return journey in the trip. It can be output from the base of the time windows of a usual charter week, sailing significantly longer distances, and get so much more to see the sailing area! When the yachts are moored in the foreign port after such a one-way trip, they must be transferred back to another charter operation to its base. We take this to our member or we offer interested sailors the overpass as one-way trip at particularly attractive terms.



As RMY Club member, you can make your payments, hedging by taking out a travel cancellation insurance price, which will also be taken over by us partly.This insurance covers the risk from our member as charter customer of a sport boat in case of default of the travel fare (charter price), due to non-performance of the service and an insolvency of the charter base or - Agency worldwide.

Talk to us, we will gladly advise you!

Please contact us and we will send you available, current one-way deals!


Please note the following: Under normal one-way trips incurred in the port of destination port charges are usually payable by the charterer, even if the charterer has paid a one-way surcharge to us in advance in addition to the charter price!

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